Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm not trapped under anything heavy

Hey kids. Some of you may have expressed a bit of concern over my long absence, so let me fill you in. But very quickly, as we are leaving on vacation tomorrow.

My parents were in town for a week, and they came a few days early because of an unexpected funeral (aren't they all?) for my grandmother's sister. If anyone's counting, that's 4 siblings in 18 months. As my boss so eloquently put it, "I'd be nervous if I was one of the ones left."

And we have spent this last week getting ready for our vacation. Plus, I have been bad about taking my meds on the weekends, so I've been super tired. But we're getting back on track and I swear to god I'm getting a massage, or at least a facial, this coming week.

Oh, and of course, we're bringing the laptop so if I have wi-fi, maybe I can blog out some of the 400 posts I have in my head from the last 3 weeks.

Ta ta!