Saturday, May 22, 2010

Trashy Diva, where have you been?

Oh right. I could never fit in your clothes before...

So, I have a couple of "dress casual" type events this summer to attend and I have no clothes to wear. I've been searching for attractive dresses for my anniversary for weeks and nothing.
And lo, I suddenly catch a link from Jezebel comments that leads me to Trashy Diva. And I am in HEAVEN. So now I'm just trying to decide between a couple of options and figure out what size I'll be then.

Option 1: More of a 70's classic styling and probably more versatile in my wardrobe, but made in silk and definitely more expensive:
Option 2: Classic Audrey Hepburn styling with a V back -

Option 3 - 40s style that falls below the knee -Option 4: My absolute fave, hints at retro with a modern feel, but only available up to a size 12 and I'm not sure I can get there from here in time -

Option 5: Classic summer 50s style -

So - which print and which style (some styles are available in multiple prints, like options 3 and 5)? And if I'm a 16 today and it took 6 weeks to get here from 18, and I'm losing 1-2 lbs per week, can I get to a 12 by July? I'm thinking no, 14 is probably what I'm looking at, but maybe you know something I don't.

Ooh - late entry - this is from their clearance section and is still available in L/14. Still somewhat pricey because it's silk crepe de chine, but the clearance price puts it in range of the non-silks above.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Pants: So what are we having for dinner? Did you order a pizza?
Syl: No, I told the girls to ask you what you wanted to do for dinner.
P: You know what they said when they came downstairs? "Lunch is on it's way!"
S: This is the worst game of telephone ever!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Well, it will probably never really be done. But I have had my last required appointment with Dr. Pittman (who was even hotter than I remembered him in khakis and a navy blazer).

He's happy with my progress, didn't think it could really have gone better, and laid out my options and left them in my court.

I can have the hardware taken out if I want. BUT. It would put me back on the couch for a while, require another surgery, and it might be hard to get to the plate in the back. Plus, I already have some numb places on my lower leg, which I assume is a result of nerves being cut during surgery - do I really want more scars, more weird dead spots, more time on the couch and time away from my family?

There are less drastic options. I could have just the outer plate taken out. I can leave all of it in. Or I can come back to have just the top screw taken out, which has backed its way out about an eighth of an inch already. At this point, I'm not considering any surgeries - I'm leaving it all be. If that top screw comes out any more or becomes an issue, I'll talk to him about it.

As far as my activity levels, I have no restrictions except what I place on myself. I bent it and straightened it for him and we talked about my activities and if there was anything I couldn't do. We talked about running, which I can do but which still looks pretty disabled. I told him I tend not to kneel on that knee, it just feels weird. He said that I should keep trying whatever I wanted to do and that I was too young to rule anything out for the rest of my life.

So nothing is out. Not rock climbing (although Pants will have kittens if I try it again, I think), not skiing, not even running a marathon. I am medically allowed to do whatever I am comfortable doing and I should continue to try things, even if they haven't worked out well so far.