Monday, February 22, 2010

Rachel Getting Married

Wow. This is the first movie from this whole experience that I might actually watch again. I didn't like the documentary-style filming, but it didn't matter halfway through the movie. I didn't even notice that Anne Hathaway was Anne Hathaway.

It's the story of an addict getting out of rehab for her sister's wedding. What an incredibly awful idea, that - attending any kind of major family function where there are social standards to be upheld when everything emotion you've suppressed is right at the surface. And what an awful place for the sister - knowing you have to invite a seriously fucked up family member to an event that should be about you and that you KNOW will become all about her, just like the rest of your life.

Parts of the movie were terribly awkward and I almost stopped watching. Parts were extremely painful. I don't know what the experience of the movie would be if you didn't grow up in a house with an addict, but I think the Oscar nod for Hathaway was deserved. But I think half the cast deserved one. Well done.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

I don't like perfume. I wore it in high school and have experimented with it occasionally since then, but it's too cloying to me, too strong. I went to JC Penney today to check out Kat Von D's line in the Sephora section and I tried her Sinner fragrance. It's way too sweet and almost Avon-y. But then, I don't like perfume.

So I wanted to go back to using a bergamot body wash (which Pants hates), but The Body Shop doesn't sell that anymore. They have some mix thing, which I guess I'll have to check out before buying because it's quite expensive.

I had fully intended to sign up for a community yoga class, only to log on tonight and find out the class is full. Both classes, the Wednesday and the Monday class. I got on the wait list for Wednesday, but I guess we'll see.

Apparently there is an all-class reunion this summer in my home town which I will most likely attend. I have also been asked to be the matron of honor in a wedding in August and the dress is, how you say? Unflattering for the fatties. So it's time to get my ass moving.

The kids have been sick since Tuesday with a nasty virus and I will probably be home again with them tomorrow. I will probably have to go in to work tomorrow and get my laptop, and I probably should have gotten it last week so I could be working. I had that dream again this morning that I'm back in college and there is one whole class that I realize I haven't gone to and I'm going to fail. This is my recurring dream when I feel work is getting out of control.

I really need a makeover. I need a haircut. Some highlights.

Maybe I'm just having some end of winter blahs.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Indie hell

It's hard to find a lot of flicks in the On Demand section of Netflix, but I did put a bunch of indie films in it. I guess those are more readily releasable on demand.

My first film this evening was How to Be, billed as a British indie comedy starring Robert Pattinson. I love nifty little British comedies, so I thought it would be funny in a dry, British way. Except it wasn't funny at all, the sound sucked (like it was filmed by college students and I think you know what I mean), and I shut it off after half an hour when I didn't really know what was going on and REALLY didn't care.

I moved on to The Cake Eaters, an American indie from 2009 with Kristin Stewart and many way better actors. I figured as long as I was going with a theme, you know. And also, I love me some Jesse L. Martin. So Kristen, even playing a disability, wasn't awful and I didn't completely hate her. Definitely watchable, my favorite kind of indie - quiet, introspective, subtle.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My month of Netflix?

For reasons too weird to mention here, we have a month of Netflix and, temporarily, a blu-ray player that will also stream netflix movies.

So herein begins my month of Netflix. And here is where you get to see my horrific, inexplicable taste in movies.

Fame - ok, we actually got this from the Red Box a week or so ago, but it was recent and, so, worth mentioning. Sorta. It was alright, but definitely lacked the grittiness of the original. At the end, I really felt like I had just watched Camp Rock (non-parents should NOT get this reference). Thanks Disney.

Push - I was interested in this movie from the trailer, and it starred Dakota Fanning and Chris whats-his-face from Star Trek. It was meh. A couple of interesting parts, but some serious plot holes and yeah, just meh.

Sunshine Cleaning - Enjoyable, but quite a bit deeper than I was expecting. I thought it would just be a nutty little dark comedy about cleaning up crime scenes, but then there were all these emotions and relationships. So yeah, good, but wasn't expecting it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day off

I had to take today off because it's the one day daycare is closed that my office is not. The sad part is that schools are closed today too, so it was hard to find an activity that didn't involve 75 other children.

I decided on the Ellingson Car Museum and Cabela's. We kicked it off with McDonald's in Rogers, which has a playland, but it was a mistake. There were a ton of other kids there and some were pretty rowdy. The whole setup was like a giant habitrail for kids, so there isn't really a way to go pull your kid out once they've entered the tube. The Hammer got trampled at least once, but they got to go down the slides a few times before I pulled them out.

They were less than wowed by the car museum, but I thought it was pretty cool. They have a DeLorean, a General Lee, a Hudson Hornet, a ton of fabulous cars. The kids were more impressed by the model train set in the gift shop.

Cabela's was a bit more of a hit, what with all the taxidermy. I told the girls the animals were fake. And then there's the two lions attacking the Cape Buffalo - I might have tried to pass it off that they were playing tag...

And then they started to lose it, so it was time to go. No shopping, although we did get a snack upstairs before everything went to crap. And then we got home, I turned on a movie, and they both fell asleep. BOTH. OF. THEM. And that was the end game, my entire goal for the day. Not the cars, or the play place, or the taxidermied bears. Wear them out until they fall over and sleep.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Billboard magazine recently named "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John the sexiest song ever. Creeptacular, I know.

So what is on the sexy playlist?