Friday, April 30, 2010


I did alright for the remainder of the week. My eating was much better, although not perfect. I exercised, although not as much as I had planned. I had to buy a new belt today so my pants wouldn't keep falling off while I walked.

Kitten is completely potty-trained and her constipation problem has cleared itself up. She now poops pretty much daily, as I'm sure you were dying to know. I wish I could tell you how we did it. It seems to have gotten better when we had that stomach virus in February...

The Hammer is, well, not so potty trained. I think we'd be doing really well if peeing was the only bodily function going on. It's not, and we'll leave it at that.

I have my six month follow up on Monday with Dr. Pittman for my knee. It's mostly ok now, with some occasional limping if my shoes suck or I haven't been active enough.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Needing a boost

This is my third week on Weight Watchers and I'm down almost 10 pounds. The first two weeks were good, easy, no problems, I felt committed and motivated.

This week I'm only 3 days in and I'm falling apart. Of my 35 "flex points" for the week, I have 10 left. The last 2 days have not gone well.

So here is my plan for the next few days to get back on track:
Tonight - I will do a short arm workout.
Tomorrow - We will take the kids for a walk after dinner. I will stay within daily points by bringing my lunch and I will drink all 6 glasses of water. I will do a short ab workout.
Thursday - I will bring lunch and stay within daily points. I will do another short arm workout. I will drink all 6 glasses of water.

So here in front of all of you, I am saying I will get back on track and make this work. I am doing well and I can continue to do this. I want my cholesterol to come down. I want to be a healthy weight for my kids. A healthier weight is better for my knee, my asthma, my life.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Night of WTF?

Scene: bedtime.

Syl walks by the bathroom where Kitten is claiming loudly that she is going to go to the bathroom. Syl stops about 3 feet past the door and turns around, nearly running back. Kitten is standing in front of the toilet, lid up, pants down, facing the stool. It looks like she is about to pee. STANDING UP.

Syl: What are you doing?
Kitten: Peeing.
S: You need to sit down.
K: No.
S: Put the seat down right now and sit down. That is how girls pee.
K: No, I want to stand up.
S: Honey, boys pee standing up, but girls have to sit down. Girls don't have penises, they don't have anything to aim. You need to sit down. Pants, would you like to explain to your daughter why she can't pee standing up?

A 10 minute fit ensues wherein Syl tries to explains the physics of urination equipment and gender.


Scene: 90 minutes post-bedtime. The Hammer is still whining in her room.

Syl: What is the matter?
The Hammer: I want my tent down. I don't want it up anymore.
S: Ok, we can take it down.
TH: I don't want it to get broken.
S: It's fine honey, it's not broken. [Proceeds to take down bed tent.]
TH: You're breaking it!
S: No honey, these are tent poles and they are made to come apart. See? [Demonstrates the technology of shock-cord poles and takes the whole tent down.]
TH [as S folds tent]: Mom, I want my tent back up.
S: Ok. [Sighs. Puts bed tent back up.]
TH: Mom, I want to sleep on the floor.
S [turns back and walks out]: Goodnight.